I am a security officer with Norred and Associates at Bush Airport. I have been there for almost two years.

Many of my fellow officers and I are being asked to work without pay before our shifts actually start, and we’re not always paid for the time we spend working after our shift ends. I believe this constitutes a form of wage theft and has resulted in thousands of dollars in lost wages for me over the last two years.

That’s why I filed a wage theft complaint against my employer.  

I love my job and I take my role as a security officer very seriously, but wage theft has a serious impact on workers like me. I am currently undergoing medical treatment and am on medication, and lost pay makes things much more difficult for me financially.

My coworkers and I have spoken to our management and nothing is getting resolved. I have even filed a wage theft complaint with the City of Houston’s Inspector General office back in April. So far, my complaint has not been resolved.

It’s time for security officers to have a union so that we can put an end to unfair practices and establish an efficient way to solve these types of problems. But we’ll need all the support we can get from City Council members and the Inspector General so that the company takes our concerns seriously.

-Sarpaul Mehat


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