Since getting hired by Norred in December 2015, I do not believe that I have been paid for all the time that I worked. I have talked to other officers, and many of us are worried that security officers are not being properly paid.

I filed a wage theft complaint because of what occurs before and after my shifts. I am supposed to be there 30 minutes before my shift starts for a morning briefing, but I am not paid for that time. I am also not paid when they are late to pick me up from my post after my shift, but I am expected to still keep working. I’m a big believer in my First Amendment rights, so I am not scared to say how I feel about the situation. But others in my situation at work are hesitant.

I’m 60 years old with diabetes and live from paycheck to paycheck. I need my pay to survive.

As security officers, we deserve better treatment for the work that we do for our city. My complaint is still being investigated.

I call on the City of Houston to address these complaints in a more timely fashion, otherwise the system doesn’t work for people like me who are already struggling on what we earn.  

And with the recent hurricane disaster, I lost everything. My car and apartment were completely flooded and I had to evacuate by boat. I’m staying with a relative right now and haven’t been able to get to work for days. I’m not sure how I’m going to get through this.

Now more than ever, these companies need to pay us for all the time we have worked, we deserve that and it will help us rebuild our lives.

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